Tuesday, 21 July 2015

T3W4: Visual Text and Comprehension Revision

Dear all,

In preparation for the upcoming Level Test 2 (which comprises two parts only: Visual text and narrative-based comprehension, that is, Section A and Section B of 1128/02), you may find the slides used during our lesson on visual text here. The last slide includes one practice for you to try on your own. If you would like another practice for visual text, you can also access the PDF here; the last page includes the suggested answers.

Now, for those who need some extra practice for narrative comprehension (i.e., Section B), you may want to attempt Commonwealth Secondary School's 2014 Prelim here (and its insert here). After you are done attempting the questions, you may then check the answers, which I will send to you via email by no later than 19:00 on Thursday, July 23rd, 2015. Yes, I know that the paper is intended for Sec 4 students. Yet, this being a practice for you to consolidate your learning, the extra difficulty should only stretch yourselves further.

Thank you, and all the best with your revision!

- Mr Pan.

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