Thursday, 20 August 2015

Due T3W10: P1 Section C Practice (Expository Writing)

Dear all,

As spoken in class, you will need to write one full expository essay in preparation for the EOY. This task is to be completed before the September holiday. Here are the instructions:
1) Make a copy of the task sheet in your own Drive.
2) Share the document's editing (not just viewing) rights with me at
3) Complete the task analysis and plan using the tables provided. For your plan, you may choose to do this in point form.
4) Clear your plan with me first before you start writing your essay.
5) After I have given you the clearance, write your essay, and this task is to be completed by 23:59 on Friday, Sep 4, 2015.
Note: For me to focus on the more macro things instead of the more mechanical grammar errors, use to 'scan' your essay for these things first.

Have fun and all the best with your EOY preparation! :)

- Mr Pan.

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